2020Video (2 versions: vertical and 16:9)22’53’’ https://vimeo.com/505790389 Lladres/ ladri /ladrones/ thieves… is a video where a message, delivered in several languages, travels via people and spaces in order to eventually… Read More →

Paisaje Interior con Marina

In collaboration with Mirko Mejetta2020Video Installation with architectureVideo 4K 19’48’’ https://vimeo.com/506279587 Paisaje Interior con Marina [Interior Landscape with Seascape] is a work that develops from a 3-part system, in which space… Read More →

The Track

https://vimeo.com/505577096 THE TRACK2019Filmed with a self-driving car prototype4K33’44’’ https://vimeo.com/505599564 The Track is a video made with the AI and graphics of an autonomous car camera prototype. Together with the cameras,… Read More →

El Pasajero

EL PASAJEROSet of 4,000 photographs in the form of an installation and a series of groups of photographs. Aware that an image is rarely just an image anymore, for about… Read More →

El Trayecto

Precedente Successivo El trayecto, 2019Filmed with a self-driving car prototype. 33’44’’4K   https://vimeo.com/505235300%20   El trayecto is a video made with the camera system of a prototype self-driving car. The… Read More →